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6 Reasons You Should Attend Bible Study

Attending a Bible Study
Many people associate Christian education with their childhood and youth. They do not necessarily think about continuing that education into adulthood, even if they are devout, churchgoing believers.
However, activities like adult Bible study can have numerous benefits in your life and in your spiritual journey. Learn more about some of the many benefits of attending adult Bible study. Then, you can join a Bible study group at your church right away.
1. Get to Know Your Church Leaders
Oftentimes, a Bible study group in a church is led by the pastor or other leader in the congregation. And while you may know the pastor or the church leaders by what they say in front of the congregation, it can be nice to get to know them and learn about their faith journey in a small group setting.
2. Introduce You to the Church Family
If you are new to a church and are trying to get a sense of what the church family is all about, then attending Bible study can help you out. The most devout and active members of a church family are often those that attend regular Bible study meetings. You will be able get a sense of the community as well as the mission and goals of the church as a whole from the interactions you have in Bible study.
3. Grow Your Faith
One of the most important factors to keep in mind about Bible study is what this study can do for your faith journey. While you may be a devout and deliberate Christian, there is always room for growth.
Gain a stronger love of God and learn to live more in the way He wants you to by studying scripture and really thinking about what you’ve read. Sometimes, people forget the path of goodness and righteousness and may become complacent in their lives. Bible study can be a reminder and help to a person to correct themselves and grow more faithful.
4.  An Opportunity to Learn
Very few laypeople can truly call themselves Bible experts. This knowledge takes years and years of intense study to even come close to having a full and in-depth understanding of God's word. You can always learn something new about the meaning behind God's word as well as how the lessons of the Bible can be applied to your daily life in modern society.
Go into Bible study with a humble heart and mind and be open to the possibility that you know less about God's word than you thought. You will be surprised at home much knowledge and understanding you can gain from studying the Bible with a clergy member and your peers.
5. Reconnect with Your Faith
If you have recently found yourself missing church services often or have just lost touch with your faith, you are not alone. Most people have some detours and even hit dead ends in their faith journeys. The key is to find a way back to your faith.
Bible study can help you do that. You can redevelop a personal relationship with God through the study of his word. Group Bible study, along with personal Bible study, can bring you back to your faith and back into the fold of the church.
6. Give You Guidance
Struggles are an inevitable part of life. What makes people different is how they handle and deal with struggles. In the context of faith, the way you handle troubles in your life can be the difference in leading a God-driven life and living a wayward existence in the secular world.
If you are looking for guidance in your life on how to deal with a particular problem you are going through, Bible study can help by reintroducing you to the commandments and the principles of Christianity. You can also talk to the group and the pastor to deal directly with your problems through faith.
Now that you know some of the many reasons you should attend Bible study, you can join your church's Bible study group right away.