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Embrace and Exude the Spirit of Christianity During the Holiday Season

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The holidays are wondrous and magical, but they can also be busy and stressful at times. Try to remember the meaning behind Christmas and share this joy with those around you. Also, strive to find ways to demonstrate your faith during the holiday season.

Embrace and exude a spirit of Christianity during the holidays and year round!

Go to Church

Attend church. Make going to church an event and prioritize this time of fraternizing with other like-minded family, friends, and parishioners. Reaffirm your faith, become inspired by the words of the sermon, and enjoy the company of those around you.

Forgive Someone

One of the most Christian things that you can do is to forgive someone for something. Do you feel wronged? Make this the time of year to let bygones be bygones and sincerely forgive. This will make you feel better.  


Volunteering is a great way to give back, while also giving yourself an invaluable gift. Spending time doing for those who are less fortunate is a real eye-opener that can be cathartic during this time of year. Everyone is busy, but certainly you can spare a couple hours a week to do something that will help others, like assist at a food pantry, visit patients at a hospital, or serve food at a mission.

Clean Out and Share

Donate generously this season. Make this the time to clean out and give away things that you or your family can do without. Plus, this will help make some room for this year's gifts and acquisitions. Donating helps you to see just how much you really have and how fortunate you are to inspire gifting and giving away of any excess.

Model Christian Behavior for Youngsters

Model giving and godly behavior to your children. This will help them develop an attitude of gratitude. This time of year can be laden with high-priced gifts and commercialization that can foster greed, so show your kids how to make the most with less.


Some debate over whether tithing is endorsed in the New Testament, and many argue that Christians are not expected to tithe. Whether you choose to tithe or not, churches rely on these donations to meet their responsibilities in sharing the gospel and Christmas is the perfect season to acknowledge this and share generously.

Study the Bible

Spend five minutes a day reading the Bible or begin attending a regular Bible study. This is a great way to stay grounded and inspired during the holidays. Too busy to take time for reading? Audio devotionals are a great way to enjoy the gospel while driving or waiting in traffic — plus they make great gifts to share with others!

Pay It Forward

Another way to demonstrate Christian behavior is to give to others anonymously. Pay it forward. Buy a stranger's coffee or pay for the car behind you at the drive-through and bring a smile to a stranger's face. You never know what struggles others have, and this gesture can make someone's day a bit brighter.

Give Simply

Give gifts that are not materialistic or pricey. Some examples are to give of your time, attention, and hospitality instead of simply buying something at the mall. Share baked goods or homemade craft items this Christmas.


Sing at the top of your lungs; it is exhilarating and rejoicing. Join a chorus, sing holiday carols, or simply belt out your favorite song in the car or shower.

In your quest to give to others, don't forget about yourself. Take care of yourself during this demanding season so that you can accomplish your goals and be of service to others. Make time to eat, sleep, and enjoy downtime amid your hectic lifestyle and busy schedule.

Use these tips to demonstrate Christianity and faith during this hectic time of year. Don't forget the reason behind Christmas, and make time to spend time with those you love during this special season. Celebrate the holidays at Harbor Baptist Church, the friendliest church in Charlotte, North Carolina.