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Four Ways To Embrace God's Presence Each And Every Day

Man Praying
Do you feel you have lost touch with God's presence in your life? Perhaps you simply wish to strengthen your relationship with Him. Being true to your faith and beliefs can help you feel God's presence all around you. Never lose faith that God is with you, then follow a few simple steps that will reaffirm that presence. Here's how to embrace God's love and beauty each and every day.
1. Take Time to​ Stop and Smell the Roses
Think about what you might be missing if you fail to slow down and appreciate God's blessings and beauty everywhere. With the busy lifestyle that many lead, along with life's daily struggles, this may not always be an easy task. You should make the effort, however. It's really not all that hard to do when you think about it.
Think about those times when you have been late for work or an appointment. Perhaps you've rushed from the house without taking a moment to look around. It only takes a moment to listen to the sweet sound of the chirping birds perched in a front yard tree. Now think of God's creation and the perfect harmony that nature displays outside your door.
God's beauty is everywhere, and all you need to do is feel it with your own eyes and ears. The peaceful sound of the morning doves, the happy laughter of a small child at play, or the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Take time to appreciate and embrace the beauty that God has created for you.
2. Don't Let Negativity Overwhelm You 
Negativity can be a harmful emotion if left unchecked. When you think negative thoughts and refuse to see the good in life, resentfulness and bitterness can ruin your life and weaken your relationship with God. When you turn that negativity around, you can then strengthen your faith and relationship with God.
Let go of the past mistakes and bad times. Concentrate on the present and how God has been by your side through the ups and downs. Believe in yourself first and foremost, and you will find it that much easier to believe in God's presence.
Recognize that God believes you are his precious child. When you push out the negative thoughts and focus on the positive, believe that God will hold your hand through good times and bad.
3. Learn How to Heal
Whether your struggles be that of health concerns or personal loss and grief, learn how to heal through faith and prayer. If you need guidance and inspiration, look to prayers for healing. You might find a laminated prayer card with a special prayer. If you prefer, recite your own prayer to God. Ask for His guidance and help if needed. Trust and believe in the power of God's healing.
4. Create a Prayer Journal
You may have heard of what is referred to as a prayer journal. Creating a prayer journal is yet another way to embrace God's love and beauty. Your prayer journal can be created your own way. Whether you choose to add a special prayer request or list the prayers that have been answered, you have the freedom to go in any direction. Jot down prayers, scriptures, or inspirational quotes. Place an entry every day and keep your faith alive.
Follow the above methods to bring God closer to you and embrace His presence. If you need further guidance, attend church regularly and speak to your pastor. Your church pastor is there to serve the congregation, and knowing this may help you embrace all of God's beauty and presence.