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How a Closer Relationship With God Can Improve Your Marriage

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Marriage is the ultimate work in progress. With each day, there seems to be a new obstacle for you and your spouse to overcome and learn from. But a close relationship with God can keep your marriage on track. Explore all the ways strengthening your faith relationship can help your marriage flourish.
Positive Outlook
Trials and tribulations affect every person on a faith journey at some point. However, how a person views their problems makes all the difference. The Bible is full of encouragement and guidance that can help you keep a more positive outlook on life.
When faced with a challenge in your relationship, an optimistic attitude can help you see hurdles for what they are: temporary roadblocks. A closer relationship with God will keep you and your partner encouraged and happier, no matter the challenge you face. When you feel like life is bringing you down, read the Bible for more encouragement.
Loving Heart
Love is the foundation of your marriage and your faith journey. However, everyday stresses and struggles can sometimes cloud your vision. As a result, bitterness and anger sometimes set in. When these negative emotions take center stage, a person is more apt to lash out at their spouse for even the most minor of things.
A close relationship with God encourages you to always lead with love. When your spouse does something that angers or irritates you, reflect on the love that Christ has for all his children. Loving your way through marriage is a lot easier and more rewarding than fighting your way through.
In marriage, two people become one. However, to truly abide by this standard, it takes a great deal of selflessness. A faith relationship is all about giving honor to God, not to yourself.
For example, God teaches you to put the needs of others before your own needs. When you honor this commitment in your marriage, you no longer view your needs as most important. You learn that sometimes what your spouse needs at the moment is the top priority.
When you and your partner make a promise to be selfless together, you reignite your love for one another.
A journey with God requires a high level of commitment. As a dedicated Christian, you must pledge to study the Bible, pray, and treat others with love and kindness. Your willingness to submit and devote yourself to God can spill over into your marriage.
You can apply the same level of discipline to your relationship. Whether you spend time with your spouse even when you're tired or follow through on your promises to perform housework, commitment keeps your relationship stronger. Look for ways to improve your commitment to your partner each day.
Common Interest
Alone time is healthy for any relationship. However, too much time apart is not healthy. When you and your partner commit to strengthening your relationship with God together, you create a common interest.
Whether studying scriptures or praying together, a Christian journey presents many opportunities for you and your spouse to share intimate time together. Worshiping together at church is another activity you can perform with your spouse.
Set aside dedicated time for you and your spouse to connect if you have busy schedules. If you have children, invite them to some of your scripture study and prayer sessions. Inviting your children into the experience creates a common interest for the entire family.
Spending time with like-minded couples is another excellent way to strengthen your faith journey and your marriage. At Harbor Baptist Church, we offer a couples' ministry dedicated solely to enriching marriages. Stop by and visit us so that we can help you grow in Christ and your relationship.