GO WIN Ministry

What Is GO WIN?

GO WIN is a ministry of Harbor Baptist Church, an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. This ministry is accountable to God, to our Pastoral staff, to our church membership, and to our supporting churches.

All contributions to GO WIN Ministries are tax deductible to the limit allowed by current law. Every deduction will be recorded and a receipt will be sent to every donor on a monthly basis.

100% of every penny designated to support National Pastors is delivered to those Pastors. The expense of operating the ministry is  joyfully met by the membership of Harbor Baptist Church. 



Why Support National Pastors?

A National Pastor:
1. Already knows at least one major language spoken in his country.
2. Is familiar with the customs and culture of  his people.
3. Has a standard of living that is comparable to those he is ministering to.
4. Is more readily accepted by the people he is trying to reach with the Gospel.
5. Does not have to leave the field and come to the U.S. to report to supporting churches.
6. Is a permanent resident and will not be asked to leave his country.
7. Does not have to go on deputation before going to the field.  He is  already there.


Some Astounding Statistics

75% of the world has never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ.  A great majority of these  people live in countries that are not even open to American Missionaries. 

2 people die every second worldwide, 28% of those who die have never even heard the name of Jesus.  Another 39% have the Gospel available somewhere in their country, but not in their town or village.

20% of our American Missions outreach is focused on the 67% who are without the Gospel, while the other 80% is focused on only 15 countries.

Thousand’s of doctrinally sound National Pastors and Evangelist are trained and preaching the Gospel to their own people.

95% of these men of God lack the financial resources to properly feed themselves and their families.

100% of these men could do more to reach their country with the Gospel, if you were willing to help them.

Our Method

We identify National Pastors in very poor countries who have been reached with the Gospel and trained in the doctrines and principles of the Word of God.  After a thorough screening process, the National Pastor is added to our list of those who need monthly support. It is not our purpose to help any National Pastor live an affluent lifestyle, but rather to enable them to feed their families and serve the Lord in full time ministry. 

Most  National Pastors receive $50.00 per month or less in total support. If a Pastor requires $50.00 in monthly support, we would ask 5 churches to support that Pastor for $10.00 per month each. This method is employed for the welfare of each National Pastor. The National Pastors are encouraged by the knowledge that several American Churches care about them and their  ministries.   They are also protected from losing all their support if one church ceases participation.

Please send All Contributions to:


GO WIN Ministries

5801 Old Concord Road

Charlotte, NC 28213

(704) 596-2992


For Questions or Concerns, Contact:

Martha Spivey

Administrative Director

(704) 615-9767





You Can Download Our Brochures Below

If you are a Pastor, download this brochure
GO WIN Brochure for Pastors 2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.3 MB]
If you are a supporter, or are interested in supporting, download this brochure
GO WIN Brochure for Supporters 2014.pdf
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