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Worldwide Missions of Our Charlotte-Based Church

Harbor Baptist Church has a heartbeat for world evangelism. We believe that "the mission of the church is missions." As outlined by the Great Commission, "missions" can be practically defined as, "the mandate given to every local church to evangelize, baptize, and train every human being on the planet."
Harbor supports more than 60 missionary families, projects, churches, and organizations on nearly every continent through faith-promise commitments and contributions from our members. Each year Harbor seeks to support new missionary families who present themselves to our church and others for financial support. The faithful giving of our members to missions is not used for facilities or salaries but only for world evangelism.
Harbor Baptist Church is currently involved in supporting missionaries around the world. If you are a missionary on deputation and would like Harbor Baptist Church to consider you for support, please send an email, which includes your testimony, field information, missions board, and sending church to harborbaptistmissions@gmail.comand specify in the subject line "support." We ask that you please refrain from sending hard copy packets to our church unless absolutely necessary.

Central and South America

  • Carlos and Susan Arce – Venezuela
  • Jay and Linda Ayers – Belize
  • Raymond and Anita Bradley – Ecuador
  • Ivan and Susan Chacon – Chile
  • Curtis and Debra Couch – Chile
  • Carlos and Jaimie Donate – Guatemala
  • Richard and Anna Hurst – Ecuador
  • Leland and Naomi Johnson – Brazil
  • David and Roxana Keiser - Puerto Rico
  • Michael and Lidia Lemma – Mexico
  • Junior and Brandi McIntosh – Belize
  • Bill and Lynne Norton – Mexico
  • Tim and Rosa Posey – Honduras
  • Darrell and Buffy Ratcliff – Mexico
  • Joshua and Vashtee Rhoades – Guyana
  • Carlos and Elizabeth Sauceda – Cuba
  • Kevin and Beth White – Bolivia
  • David and Terri Long – Trinidad

North America

  • Chris and Christine Hilmer – Quebec, Canada
  • Russell and Lisa Mackay – Canada
  • Chase and Joy Whitten – England
  • Tim and Rebecca Trieber - AZ
  • Tim and Kelly Holtsclaw – Church Planters
  • Andy and Dianne Ramsey –Church Planters / Spanish Community-Mississippi
  • Karl and Joyce Sapp – Alaska
  • John and April McDaniel- Navajo People


  • Daniel and Beth Canavan – Ireland
  • Brandon and Kristan Cook – Italy
  • Duane and Bonnie Hearron II – Russia
  • Steven and Lori Wilhelm – Romania
  • Jim and Sue Taglialatela – Spain
  • Chris and Naomi Rue – Ukraine
  • Daniel and Christ Reed – Romania
  • Doug and Carolee Schwaderer – Canary Islands/Spain


  • Jonathan and Pearl Adjabeng – Ghana
  • Jeff and Carla Bassett – Ivory Coast, Africa
  • Gasim and Erika Domkog – Sudan
  • Dr. P. Botros Faltaos – Egypt
  • Nathan and Tina Fritz- Cape Verde
  • Mark and Sabrina Holmes-Nigeria, West Africa
  • Linda Green – Uganda
  • Ennis and Becky Pepper – Republic of South Africa
  • Randy and Phyllis Stirewalt – Kenya
  • Luke and Tonya Shelby – Kenya


  • Andy and Lisa Simpson – Taiwan
  • Ethel Wilson – Japan
  • Michael and Freda Yoo – South Korea
  • Jeffery and Andrea Wright- U.S. Military in Japan
  • Rick and Gaylene Fannin – Philippines
  • Layne and Nelia Jones – Philippines
  • Rick and Becky Martin – Philippines


  • Jon and Marie Hall – Australia


  • Terry and Linda Thrun – Samoa Islands
  • Robert and Pat Mathena – Grenada
  • Robert and Rhoda Smith – Barbados

Other Ministries and Organizations

  • Dr. John and Dot Halsey – BIMI
  • BIMI, Inc.
  • Jerry and Janet Matson – Seamen’s Ministry
  • David and Barb Snyder -Director BIMI
  • Larry and Donna Stallings – Bearing Precious Seed
  • John and Debbie Poe – EBI – Spanish Publication Ministry
  • Raul Pinto – La Espada
  • David and June Wood – David Wood Ministries